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Learning And Charting The Course Into A New Normal

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Join Us! Let's Work Together.

Join IBEC to help us continue identifying and improving best practices for reducing infectious disease transmission – like COVID 19 - indoors. We want to ensure that our efforts include your input and address your needs.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the World Health Organization (WHO) determined that airborne transmission is real and preventable.

Now is the time to work together to expand awareness of the risks and the actual steps people can take to reduce airborne transmission.

By bringing together experts who understand infectious diseases and medical practice in collaboration with building scientists and engineers, we develop and operationalize the science for actionable programs for condent reopening.

As a working consortium, IBEC bridges science with businesses of all shapes and sizes at the nexus of buildings, people, and pathogens every day. We need you to help us define what is possible, especially what is technically achievable, as we guide the development of innovative solutions for real-time risk reduction strategies and methodologies.


Join IBEC to build a better, safer quality of life today and for tomorrow’s public health challenges.


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Partner with IBEC

Join leading associations and research institutions, including AIHA, ASHRAE, National Safety Council, labor unions, national laboratories, and research centers in the US and abroad to execute stages of the CLEAN Summit.

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Share Knowledge

Become part of expert panels, our unique knowledge base best practices repository, and knowledge products representing IBEC’s unique perspective.

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Instant access to workfoce training

We believe the world needs a single recognized expert resource from those that understand buildings, people, and pathogens best.


The world is at a transition point in dealing with COVID-19. Many countries are still in the depths of the pandemic, while others are beginning to see a chance at a new and different future.

These challenges demand diverse and equitable leadership to define a new normal for indoor environments where people can thrive and bring everyone back together, safely, today, and into the future.

IBEC weaves together knowledge from disparate technical disciplines and crisis-tested operations to provide real-world and economically feasible solutions for transmission reduction for businesses and organizations of all sizes and maturities.

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Join us and start enjoying the benefits we offer to all our members:

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    Exclusive access to our IBEC Knowledgebase portal including education resources, fact sheets and a member roster to build your network.

    The member roster includes various professional disciplines that impact the built environment and the people that work and live in it; such as engineers, aerosol scientists, microbiologists, doctors, and more!

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    Ability to submit questions for the Ask the Expert panels or topics for CLEAN Summit stage development.

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    Exclusive invitations to CLEAN Summit stages and technical workshops.

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    Leadership opportunities through volunteering on an IBEC initiative or serving on one of IBEC's Advisory Boards.

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    Opportunities to participate as a panelist, presenter or organizer of a CLEAN Summit and/or IBEC workshop.

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    Awards program to annually recognize outstanding contributing members and member organizations.


Corporate Membership (up to 5 seats)

$5,000 / Year

Specially tailored for consulting companies, technology companies, and large corporations that want to contribute to IBEC's Knowledge Products, share in program delivery, and make the best out of our co-branding and cross-marketing opportunities.

Small Business or Non-profit Association Membership

$600 / Year

Ideal for Restaurants, Cleaning/Janitorial services and other small companies that need access to IBEC's Knowledge Products and programs to support their operations as they work to improve safety and confidence for their clientele.

You can also get the Small Business or Non-profit Association Membership Bundle (3 seats included)  for $ 1,500.00 / year.

Individual Membership

$250 / Year

The best option for government employees, university professors, research scientist and other industry professionals.

  • One year from signing up anniversary renewal.
  • There is no allowance for pro-rated dues. Members must renew their membership by January 31st of each year in order to be a Member in good standing. Membership is non-refundable once initiated.
  • Only registered members will be able to access IBEC resources (at times with a minimal additional fee) and take advantage of IBEC’s network.
  • Additional employees from the same company who wish to attend these IBEC hosted members only events will need to pay a minimal fee (based upon event type).