Commit to C.A.R.E.

Pledge to do your part in making your building, organization, and community healthier and safer from COVID-19.

Keeping each other safe is not complicated

Just mind the 4 Ds, get vaccinated, and get tested when in doubt.

By minding the 4 Ds – density, duration, distance, and dilution – you can keep yourself and others safe.


Personal Protective Equipment is a critical element of the Commit to CARE pledge program. Know when and what to wear and learn how to make sure your PPE fits you well. 

Show you CARE about yourself and others and take the Community, Awareness, Responsibility, and Equity pledge now.

The campaign and all the resources are free for businesses to safeguard their employees and demonstrate their commitment to the communities in which they reside.


We designed the Commit to CARE resources to help you perform your own risk assessment.

The Commit to CARE campaign was designed to create a common understanding of the issues across the workforce – from frontline to remote workers as we all need to understand and prevent exposure.

This broad and easily digestible education campaign can level the playing field of understanding regarding practices to protect those at a higher risk of exposure to COVID-19.

The content includes:

Grupo 16436

Risk determination

Grupo 16435

Workforce training

Including risk assessment, PPE, and ventilation

Grupo 16431

Assessing and improving building ventilation

Grupo 16434

Developing vaccination and testing policies.

Grupo 16433

Identifying and contacting

The appropriate expertise to support the OSHA ETS program

The resources go one step further by targeting the content specifically to the healthcare and long-term care industries.

SARS-CoV-2 Exposure Assessment Tool

Get access to the BETA SARS-CoV-2 Exposure Assessment Tool.


This simple-to-use tool, released as a Beta version, allows users to estimate a group-wide relative exposure to SARS-COV-2 associated with various activities.